TAP & BALLET PLAY (ages 3-5 years) 

TAP & BALLET PLAY introduces children to ballet, tap, and creative dance. They learn the basics of these beloved art forms through games, exercises, and routines.

Within a carefully planned structure, students become skilled in fundamental movements such as hop, skip, slide, and leap, as they develop strength, flexibility, rhythm and coordination. Students gain practice following directions, working together, articulating body parts, and exploring shapes and actions in a creative and playful manner. Through whole-group story dances, children experience the fun of moving freely to music and acting out stories which enhances the development of self-expression and musicality. Class activities incorporate props and costume pieces, as well as a wide selection of music.

- Children wear comfortable clothes for free movement. Bare feet or non-slip shoes are a must. Ballet slippers and leotards are fine but not required.

- Children may borrow tap shoes from our collection or they may bring their own.

-There is a sitting area outside the classroom for parents. 


SEW CREATIVE (ages 6-8 years)

SEW CREATIVE introduces children to the art of hand-sewing. Students learn basic skills such as sewing on buttons and making various stitches. Children design creations using resources from a diverse collection of fabric, ribbon, and recycled items. Each week, a project is presented, and students choose to work on that project or design their own. Children take projects home to keep.

- We begin using blunt-tipped sewing needles and students progress to sharper needles as they become more adept.

- All materials are provided.

-A sewing machine is introduced, and used by the teacher, but children will not be sewing independently with the machine unless parental permission is given. 


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